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Enjoy Family Ski Resort and Get to Know Family Closer

Fresh air and winter sports are not only a great way to curb endless children’s energy, but also an opportunity to get acknowledge with something new and get solid health benefits. Ski recreation is a win-win version of the winter holidays for couples and their children. Most ski resorts are situated in Europe and it’s easy to get there on plane, which route can be tracked here, on a special portal with the detailed information about the plane’s location and its peculiarities.

What are the best 3 locations for the ski resort?

Leukerbad (Switzerland) is the largest and well-known thermal complex in Europe. So, getting a ski pass, you get free visits to hot springs. There are 30 thermal pools in Leukerbad, several of which are specially equipped for kids. Here you can find 2 day-care centers for children from 18 months and 2 ski schools, where young sportsmen from 3 years old can be trained.

In the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis (Austria) ski region there are several wide and gentle slopes, where it will be easy for a child to take first steps on skis. Instructors teach children over 2.5 years. The parents can enjoy the attraction-hang-glider Fisser Flieger, skyswing, etc.

Zell am See (Austria) is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Zeller, where you can go ice-skating with the family, and later to go to relax in the Tauern spa complex. The infants (from 1.5 years) can be left in 2 kindergartens or sent to 2 schools, where kids from 3 years old are taught.

Benefits of family ski holiday

  • You can finally be together, get to know each other and just relax in the company of the spouse and children.
  • The upcoming trip is a great way to solve all important issues before the journey and not be distracted by minute calls from work.
  • Emotional surge is also will help cheer up the relationship. The family vacation, which is presented in a completely new environment, will allow you to look at the spouse in a new image. This, of course, perfectly stirs interest in a partner.
  • If the family goes on holiday together with the children, it has a positive effect on the psychological state of the kids. You can take care of your children and give them enough attention without haste.
  • Walking around interesting places, visiting rides, museums, and attractions will be remembered by children for a very long time.


The family ski holiday is a great opportunity to get the unforgettable impressions, enjoy the flight, ride down the snow-covered slopes, and unite all the family members. Such traveling is able to improve the health, the same as to charge with positive energy.